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Showcase Plants: Chamaecyparis lawsoniana ‘Oregon Blue’

Plant Features

Chamaecyparis 'Oregon Blue'

Common name: Lawson False Cypress

Growing as a pyramidal shaped evergreen with weeping branch tips, the attractive outline of Chamaecyparis ‘Oregon Blue’ glistens throughout the seasons with sprays of lacy-textured, silvery-blue foliage. Left untouched, the eventual height can be around 30' tall, but, since it responds well to trimming, it can be maintained at manageable heights to be suitable for gardens of most sizes (for details refer to the plant care recommendations below).

Plant Fact Sheet

Chamaecyparis ‘Oregon Blue’

Flower Color: None

Foliage Color: Silvery, blue-green shades

Sun Tolerance: Sun to Partial Shade

Preferred Soil Type: Well drained soil

USDA Plant Hardiness: Zone 5

Plant Height: 30’

Plant Spread: 10–12’

Plant Video

Chamaecyparis ‘Oregon Blue’

Plant Uses: Chamaecyparis ‘Oregon Blue’

An ideal size for any garden

Chamaecyparis ‘Oregon Blue’ makes a nice specimen in a lawn or large mixed border. It looks great with heathers and other colorful evergreens and is especially useful for providing height and shape to beds with low spreading ground cover. The shapely outline and all-year-round foliage looks great against the background of walls, fences, and other masonry, softening the hard lines and providing relief to dull building exteriors. It makes a good screen, too, providing privacy and filtering sound. The thick, dense canopy makes a great place for small birds and other wildlife to take refuge and shelter during inhospitable weather, providing cover from predators and a great place for nesting in spring.

The foliage is aromatic, soft to the touch, and lasts very well when cut. Larger plants can be trimmed to provide boughs for making garlands, wreaths, or flower arrangements.

Plant Care: Chamaecyparis lawsoniana ‘Oregon Blue’

A lot of possibilities!

Chamaecyparis ‘Oregon Blue’ needs a sunny site in well-drained conditions. It will tolerate some light shade, but will not be successful in heavy, poorly draining soils. So, it is very important to make sure the position selected has good drainage. Follow the planting directions on the tags. Dig a generous sized hole, incorporate copious amounts of planting compost around the roots, and then finish off with a layer of mulch to help retain moisture, and, of course, water as needed until the new roots are well established. The tags have easy to follow instructions, but if you are in doubt, ask us here at the garden center. We will be happy to provide extra help.

Chamaecyparis ‘Oregon Blue’
responds well to light shearing. With a little regular attention, it is possible to accentuate the shape and maintain the overall height if desired. This is best carried out in summer or in early spring after the worst of the winter weather has past. Trimming with hedging shears is probably easiest; however, make sure to clip only the young, juvenile growth on the perimeter of the plant, not the older brown colored woody stems inside the canopy. With regular, annual trimming, it is possible to comfortably maintain the height to about 6-8'.

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The Story Behind The Plant

A Native of the Pacific Northwest

As the variety name “Oregon Blue’ suggests, this plant hails from the Pacific Northwest. It is a selection of Chamaecyparis lawsoniana which originally had a native range along the coast in southwestern Oregon and isolated inland areas at higher elevations. The common name Lawson False Cypress commemorates Charles Lawson, a nurseryman in Edinburgh, Scotland, who raised it from the original introduction in 1845. This species is widely cultivated and highly regarded in Europe. Over the years, many different forms have been selected for their distinctive shapes, foliar color, and habit. “Oregon Blue’, with its flattened sprays of bright, gleaming blue foliage is a form that was developed here in America.

Chamaecyparis “Oregon Blue’ is another shining example of how Garden Splendor® plants bring you an award winning selection of over 600 varieties of premium garden plants. Garden Splendor makes gardening easier, more beautiful, more fulfilling, and more memorable. That's why they are Plants Worth Remembering™, encompassing the best of the "tried and true" and the most promising of the "exciting and new".

Remember: Enjoy your gardening. It's good for you and the environment, too.


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